a2ru has laid out four strategic goals as part of a long-term organizational planning process spanning 2016-2020.

Read a2ru’s four-year strategic plan HERE.

Read a one-page at-a-glance strategic plan summary HERE.

1. Strengthen the Network
We will create and promote programs, practices, resources, and advocacy that encourage arts-integrative practices by addressing the current and emerging needs of partner institutions–their faculty, students, and leaders–and of the network as a whole.

2. Impact Students and Faculty
We will support and disseminate the development of the arts and arts-integrative curricula, research, programs, collaborations, and initiatives to meaningfully impact students and faculty at research universities.

3. Gather, Disseminate, and Advance Arts-Integrative Research
We will catalyze and disseminate a2ru-directed research, surfacing the impact of, and best practices for, arts integration across research, teaching, learning, and community-engaged learning in higher education. We will act as investigators, aggregators, and archivists, for arts and arts-integrative research projects. We will also collect data for, about, and through a2ru’s partners and associations, such as research universities, governmental entities, emerging and established industries, and other nonacademic, nonprofit organizations, such as libraries, museums, and presenting organizations.

4. Consolidate and Strengthen the Organization
We will consolidate and strengthen the organization by delivering and communicating exceptional partner value, implementing visionary strategic and business planning, broadening member participation, and providing outstanding staff and resource management, as well as inspiring employee engagement and agency.